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What's Your Hot Yoga Goal? 5 Benefits of the Hot Yoga Experience

Whether you're seeking pretzel-like flexibility or Marvel hero-level strength, the hot yoga experience can deliver some clear -- and surprising -- benefits! You don't need us to convince you of the wholesale awesomeness of hot yoga, but let's face it... it's wholly awesome! Not only does a good practice make you feel almost superhuman, it delivers a slew of physical and emotional benefits that help turn your wellness levels up to 11. Here are a few hot yoga benefits you might not have been aware of. Hot yoga is an intense cardio workout. For those of you who aren't entirely convinced that yoga is a "real" workout, a single 90-minute hot yoga practice can burn up to 1000 calories (based...

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Sweat Your ASANA Off – At Home

Wasn’t it just weeks ago you were chilling on your mat at the yoga studio, hanging out in savasana, waiting for class to start? It was a balmy 105 degrees in the room, the scent of essential oils wafted through the air, and most importantly, the promise of a seriously sweaty practice was just moments away. ENTER COVID 19 Well, that was unexpected. But you’re a yogi. You know how to stay on your mat no matter what kind of problem, pandemonium, or pandemic comes your way. You can do yoga anywhere. You don’t HAVE to be in a studio, in fact, your studio is offering online classes, some are even live. And this works. For a while. But let's...

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