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Using Heat is the Hottest Trend: Get in the Home Hot Yoga Zone

With constant studio closures, home hot yoga is becoming immensely popular. And with the invention of The Hot Yoga Dome, the heat just got real.

Did you know that heat therapy has been around for centuries?

It's been used to treat injuries and promote both physical and emotional wellness around the world for literally thousands of years. If you've ever been to Finland, you know that they loooooove their saunas.

It's no wonder that hot yoga has such a cult following!

Hot yoga is one of the most effective solutions for some of our most common ailments, and it's also why so many people swear by their hot yoga classes.

But wait... what if there aren't any hot yoga classes? Like, anywhere? With constant studio closures, hot yoga junkies are trying many different DIY options to maintain their physical and emotional health with varying degrees of success.

Let us introduce you to The Hot Yoga Dome! The answer to at home hot yoga!

The Hot Yoga Dome gives you the ultimate home hot yoga experience. Even if you have a small apartment, you can find a compatible Hot Yoga Dome for your minimalist needs.

(Of course, if you have maximalist needs, we have a Dome for that, too!)

Whether you're going all-in on the home hot yoga thing or if you're still lamenting the loss of your hot yoga classes, it's undeniable that hot yoga offers a multitude of benefits, including:

Mood-boosting endorphins.

We've all felt pretty good after completing a challenging 90-minute hot yoga session, and that might be due to the activity the heat stimulates in the orbitofrontal cortex. This phenomenon is believed to reduce symptoms of depression.

Bone, joint, and muscle strength building and rejuvenation.

Hot yoga helps increase lean muscle mass as efficiently as weight training. Additionally, the high temperatures combined with the challenging poses have been found to increase bone density, reducing osteoporosis risk in women.

Immunity boost.

Did you know that warm, moist air has been found to limit viral spread? According to a recently published study, highly hot and humid conditions are believed to inhibit the transfer of COVID-19 -- humid and hot regions have lower rates of viral transfer than dryer climates.

The lack of available hot yoga classes is no reason to deprive yourself of the benefits of hot yoga. The Hot Yoga Dome gives yogis a home hot yoga experience that might even be better than what you'll find in the classroom. After all, you won’t have to waste time sitting in traffic to get from your bedroom to the living room!

To learn more about the Hot Yoga Dome, please visit our frequently asked questions page for additional information.