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Rent from only $41 per month

  • "I am so forever thankful for my Hot Yoga Dome. Had it for a couple of months now, the quality and the experience of it all is fantastic! THANK YOU!"

    Karen Harelson

  • "Impressed is an understatement! This hot yoga dome blew my expectations out of the water! I’ve been practicing and teaching hot yoga for a decade and am very particular about the heat and humidity of classes. This dome delivered!"


  • I love my hot yoga dome! Easy set up, insulates the heat and humidity. I’ve been missing the yoga since the beginning of this pandemic. It’s like an oasis inside my home.

    Eva Santiago

  • "The Hot Yoga Dome is a game changer for anyone who practices hot yoga at home! Hot, hot yoga with no mask required. AMAZING"

    Antonio Viudez Rivera