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What's Your Hot Yoga Goal? 5 Benefits of the Hot Yoga Experience

Whether you're seeking pretzel-like flexibility or Marvel hero-level strength, the hot yoga experience can deliver some clear -- and surprising -- benefits!

You don't need us to convince you of the wholesale awesomeness of hot yoga, but let's face it... it's wholly awesome! Not only does a good practice make you feel almost superhuman, it delivers a slew of physical and emotional benefits that help turn your wellness levels up to 11.

Here are a few hot yoga benefits you might not have been aware of.

Hot yoga is an intense cardio workout.

For those of you who aren't entirely convinced that yoga is a "real" workout, a single 90-minute hot yoga practice can burn up to 1000 calories (based upon your current level of fitness, BMI, and other factors). It raises the heart rate which helps to strengthen your cardiovascular health and supports maintaining a healthy BMI.

Hot yoga improves concentration and focus.

The mental focus required to execute 26 poses in 105 heat while concentrating on your breath is nothing short of spectacular. After a 90-minute hot yoga practice, concentrating on preparing your taxes will be a breeze!

Hot yoga helps with injury recovery.

If you experience nagging pain due to old injuries, hot yoga can improve circulation, release synovial fluid into the joints, and help you build the strength and flexibility you need to heal. Core strengthening helps support muscles that have been weakened due to injury, and the enhanced circulation of oxygen facilitates cell regeneration.

Hot yoga is great for the skin.

Have you ever noticed that your skin looks positively radiant after a hot yoga class? (Oh please -- of course you noticed!) The sauna like humidity of a hot yoga practice boosts circulation and drives out toxins, giving your skin a plump and healthy glow.

Hot yoga releases endorphins.

If you're feeling anxious, low, irritated, or depressed, hot yoga can help you boost your mood. Recent studies have found that hot yoga can help support therapies that address symptoms of depression, and that Bikram yoga demonstrated notable effectiveness in reducing stress and emotional eating in the participant who practiced hot yoga twice a week for two months.

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