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Innovative. Portable. Inflatable. Affordable. Immersive.


Imagine hot yoga anytime, anywhere.

The Hot Yoga Dome is a portable yoga studio that pops up in minutes. It is specially designed to create a calm, soothing, cocoon-like space that really packs the heat.

The Hot Yoga Dome is available in three sizes:

How would it feel to run your own hot yoga studio?

Our Hot Yoga Studio Dome is a far more affordable option than attempting to heat an entire room. And due to its greenhouse effect, the heat stays consistent. No more fumbling with the heater while you're trying to teach.

Already a studio owner?

Pop up The Hot Yoga Studio Dome at a festival to showcase your studio.


Would you like to easily bring hot yoga classes to your gym?

Rather than spending the time and money to build out a dedicated room, our Hot Yoga Studio Dome fits 21 yoga mats and pops up in 3 minutes. When class is over, simply deflate, roll up and use the space for other classes.

Would you like to be able to practice hot yoga at home?

Are you tired of rising class prices? Do you struggle to fit hot yoga into your busy schedule?

Our Compact Home Dome is perfect for you:

Inflates in 3 minutes. Heats up in 10. Rolls up when you're done. 

Are you a yoga teacher? Personal trainer? Pilates Instructor? 

Imagine the ability to offer private hot yoga sessions to your clients.

Our Home Dome is easy to transport and comfortably fits two people.


Imagine a portable home sauna. A meditation room. A hot pilates studio.

The possibilities are endless.


The revolutionary Hot Yoga Dome is here.