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Introducing The Hot Yoga Dome

  • Hot yoga at home or on the go
  • Bring hot yoga to your gym
  • Offer private classes anywhere
  • Bring hot yoga to your corporate facility
  • Bring hot yoga to festivals

Celebrities Enjoying Hot Yoga at Home



Available in Four Sizes

  • "I am so forever thankful for my Hot Yoga Dome. Had it for a couple of months now, the quality and the experience of it all is fantastic! THANK YOU!"

    Karen Harelson

  • "Impressed is an understatement! This hot yoga dome blew my expectations out of the water! I’ve been practicing and teaching hot yoga for a decade and am very particular about the heat and humidity of classes. This dome delivered!"


  • I love my hot yoga dome! Easy set up, insulates the heat and humidity. I’ve been missing the yoga since the beginning of this pandemic. It’s like an oasis inside my home.

    Eva Santiago

  • "The Hot Yoga Dome is a game changer for anyone who practices hot yoga at home! Hot, hot yoga with no mask required. AMAZING"

    Antonio Viudez Rivera

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does it work?

      To inflate your Home Dome, plug in the inflation fan on high and it will inflate in 60 seconds. Once inflated, add your heat!

      *The inflation fan has a speed controller and stays on low the entire time you are using your Dome. This video shows the fan volume on high and then turned down to low.

      To deflate your Dome, unplug the inflation fan and it will fully deflate in approximately 5 minutes. It then takes 5-10 minutes to pack away, or just toss it in a storage bin.

    • How hot does it get?

      When our heating instructions are followed properly, our Domes generally reach 105F in 10-15 minutes. This can vary depending on your environment and individual circumstances.

    • What are the Home Dome sizes?

      The Home Dome:
      The Home Dome is designed to comfortably fit two standard sized yoga mats, but can accommodate three if needed.

      The exterior is 9ft long x 9ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft.

      The interior is 7ft long x 7ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft.

      When deflated the Home Dome rolls up to 16 inches diameter x 17 inches height.

      The Compact Home Dome:

      The Compact Home Dome is designed to comfortably fit one standard sized yoga mat, but can accommodate two if needed.

      The exterior is 9ft long x 7 ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft

      The interior is 7ft long x 5ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft

      When deflated the Compact Home Dome rolls up to 14 inches diameter x 15 inches height. 

      The Tiny Dome:

      The Tiny Dome is designed to fit one standard sized yoga mat and is for very small spaces.

      The exterior is 7ft long x 6 ft wide. The height is approximately 7.25ft

      The interior is 7ft long x 4ft wide. The height is approximately 7.25ft

    • How do I clean my Dome?

      We recommend cleaning the surface you will be using your Home Dome on before inflation so that the Dome does not get dirty.

      The Dome can be easily cleaned with a non-toxic cleaning spray and wiped down while it is inflated. Make sure all surfaces of the Dome are dry before deflating.

    • Do you offer a warranty?

      We offer a 12 month warranty on our Domes and all of the electrical equipment supplied with it.

      We are confident you won't need it. Our Domes are built to last.

    • Do I need to add a heater or humidifer?

      Once you have purchased your Dome, we will email you heating instructions which will include our recommended heater and humidifier.

      The heater costs $32 and we recommend one for the Tiny Dome, one or two for the Compact Dome and two for the Home Dome (this will vary depending on your home's electrical circuits).

      The humidifier costs $79 and with it our customers have reached up to 60% humidity.

      It is important that each heater has a dedicated circuit (not just power outlet) that provides 15 Amps of power so that the heaters can operate at full capacity.

    • Clear or Cocoon?

      The Hot Yoga Dome comes in a Clear or Cocoon model.

      Clear: The Dome includes a transparent window that provides a view outside of the Dome.

      Cocoon: The Dome comes without a transparent window and feels like a complete escape from the outside world.

    • Which size Dome should I get?

      We recommend:

      - The Compact Dome for 1-2 person practice

      - The Home Dome for 2-3 person practice

      - The Tiny Dome for 1 person practice in a very small space. Please be aware that it is TINY. If you have the space for the Compact Dome, we recommend the Compact Dome.

      Many customers enjoy using the Compact Dome for two person practice. Equally, many customers use the Home Dome for solo practice.

      The choice is yours! Please measure the space you plan to use your Dome in carefully before you purchase.

    • Where can I use my Dome?

      You can use your Home Dome wherever you would like!

      So far we have used our Domes in:

      - Living rooms
      - Attics
      - Basements
      - Spare rooms
      - Backyards
      - Yoga studios
      - Gyms
      - MMA studios
      - Crossfit studios
      - Coffee shops
      - Corporate offices
      - Schools

      All Domes can be inflated outdoors (weather permitting). The Domes are made of lightweight, yet sturdy material so that they can be easily transported. If used outdoors, it is imperative that your Dome is properly anchored down and appropriate safety guidelines are followed.

      We do not recommend inflating your Dome in inclement weather or when there are wind speeds in excess of 10 mph.

    • What is your return policy?

      The Hot Yoga Dome can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

      The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping cost.

      Please see our refund policy for full terms and conditions of returns.