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Sweat Your ASANA Off – At Home

Wasn’t it just weeks ago you were chilling on your mat at the yoga studio, hanging out in savasana, waiting for class to start? It was a balmy 105 degrees in the room, the scent of essential oils wafted through the air, and most importantly, the promise of a seriously sweaty practice was just moments away.


Well, that was unexpected.

But you’re a yogi. You know how to stay on your mat no matter what kind of problem, pandemonium, or pandemic comes your way. You can do yoga anywhere. You don’t HAVE to be in a studio, in fact, your studio is offering online classes, some are even live.

And this works. For a while. But let's face it, you miss the heat. Like, really miss it. If you’re gonna be honest, the heat for you is yoga’s special sauce, and without it, you’d rather just go for a run, or, frankly, do nothing at all. In fact, until you can get back in the heat, your yoga practice will have to be put on pause.


We have news. We invented a portable, inflatable, and heatable dome that allows you to do HOT YOGA AT HOME!

It’s called The Hot Yoga Dome.


The Home Dome comes in two sizes and can be set up in your garage, basement, a spare room, an outdoor deck, or even in your backyard.

All you need is a space heater for yoga and an extension cord and voila, you have a yoga studio at home.

Want to stream a class? Just set up an iPad or iPhone stand to take your favorite teacher's classes online.

Want to listen to your fav yoga playlists? Add a portable speaker to the mix. Check out our set up below:

Whether you want more options for your personal practice or wish to offer hot private classes as a teacher, The Hot Yoga Dome has you covered. Finally, Bikram yoga at home.


All Home Domes inflate in under 1 minute, heat up within 10, and deflate and pack away quickly and easily. Our Domes are created to trap the heat, so unlike a studio, there are no cracks, windows, or doors for heat to escape during class. The heat in your Dome will stay hot and consistent throughout your practice.


Remember that blizzard that prevented you from getting to yoga three days in a row? Or that meeting that went late and caused you to miss a class? Or that morning you hit snooze too many times, blowing your chance at the only class that worked for you that day?

How about those times you scheduled your entire day around a class, fought traffic and parking issues to get to the studio just before class began, only to find out that the heat isn't working and the instructor’s playlist hasn’t changed in a decade and you just want to stay in child’s pose and cry.

All these problems disappear when you can do hot yoga at home with your music, your flow, on your time.


The Hot Yoga Home Dome is not just great for yoga, but it’s also perfect for Hot Pilates, a sauna, your meditation practice, or a super serene escape pod when you really need a break. And, bonus, each Home Dome comes with LED lighting so you can color your mood accordingly.


Let’s face it, yoga can be expensive. Our Home Domes are less expensive than a year of monthly membership fees at just one studio. And not only will you save on classes, but you'll also skip out on scheduling nightmares, rush-hour stress, parking issues, crammed locker rooms, shower lines, and the hassle of lugging your stuff in and out of the studio.


While we know lots of people can't wait to head back to their studio once restrictions lift, what you won’t miss when you’re doing yoga at home are things like grody showers, sweaty people puddles, dirty mat stench, the grunters, feet in your face, overdone perfume, and a plethora of other unpleasantries The Hot Yoga Dome kindly keeps at bay.


Easy. Head to our shop page and choose your model. Namaste