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How the Inflatable Hot Yoga Dome Will Make Your At-Home Practice Practically Amazing

If you always wanted an at-home hot yoga studio but didn't want to deal with the permit applications and months of construction, our inflatable hot yoga dome is the solution you've been waiting for!

Hot yoga at home is the hot new pandemic trend, and the inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is the hottest new accessory.

Once you go hot, you can’t go back. Hot yogis know that when you know, you know. Heat is everything and hot yoga is sweeping the globe. Even though hot yoga studios are a no-go for most of us right now, that doesn't mean we can’t get our hot yoga fix. If you have a mat, a sauna pot, and a heater, all you need is a Hot Yoga Dome to make an incredibly immersive, highly awesome hot yoga home studio. Or a hot Pilates studio. Or a sauna. Or a warm meditation center. The choice is yours! 

The inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is an eco-friendly, high-performance tent that you can deploy either indoors or outdoors in good weather. The Tiny Dome, the Compact Home Dome, and the Home Dome can be inflated in approximately 60 seconds and heated fully in under 10 minutes. (If you're looking for a mega inflatable hot yoga dome, the Hot Yoga Studio Dome will fit every member of your family who is into hot yoga, plus about 12 more.)

But why is the inflatable Hot Yoga Dome superior to the standard home hot yoga experience?

  • The inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is efficient. How long does it take to heat up your bedroom/living room/basement? Unless your home has spacecraft-level insulation, the heat is going to leak into other parts of the house, forcing your heating unit to work unnecessarily hard. It’s also highly unlikely that you will reach a temp of 105°f. The Hot Yoga Dome heats up in under 10 minutes and retains its heat effectively, so your portable heater doesn't have to be cranked up to 11.
  • The inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is portable. Your home Hot Yoga Dome doesn't have to be used at home -- you can use it in your back yard, your friend's back yard, at work, in a hotel room, or anywhere you can access a sufficient power supply.
  • The inflatable Hot Yoga Dome can be used for non-hot yoga purposes. Who says you always have to use your Hot Yoga Dome for hot yoga? You can use it as a sauna, for meditation, as a standard mini yoga studio, or just a space to escape the kids for a hot minute and get some "me" time.

Find the best inflatable Hot Yoga Dome for your needs and lifestyle on our product page. Got questions? Contact us!