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Why Hot Yoga at Home is a Game-Changer

Hot yoga at home has never been easier. The portable Hot Yoga Dome lets you bring the heat anytime, anywhere!

The lockdowns have robbed us of many of our social resources, and hot yoga classes have been -- and largely still are -- on the COVID casualty list.

But that doesn't mean hot yoga is out of reach!

Hot yoga at home is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the bygone hot yoga studio days. By doing hot yoga at home, you'll discover the following pleasant surprises:

You can practice any time of day or night
You can practice at your own pace
You are your DJ- no more boring set lists circa 1994
No more traffic. No more parking stress.

Setting up a hot yoga studio at home is not as easy as you would expect. It’s a little more challenging than setting up a couple of space heaters in your living room. Without the proper equipment, the heat you are trying to create will flow out through cracks in windows, vaulted ceilings, and doorways. Let's face it -- most of our homes aren't as well insulated as we'd like, and heating a room to the required consistent 105°f costs a lot of time and energy if it leaks outside or into other rooms.

Props to you for doing hot yoga in the bathrooms! Show of hands for who would like to avoid a cracked toe on a tub or hero’s pose with your head next to the toilet?

Welcome to The Hot Yoga Dome!

The Hot Yoga Dome is a hot yoga tent that inflates and heats quickly in 10-20 minutes. It's compact enough to inflate even in small apartments and can be packed away and stored easily.

It's incredibly energy efficient, since it retains heat far more effectively than a room with doors and windows that can leak the hot air. It’s essentially a heat trap.

You control the temperature and the humidity of your hot yoga tent. If you want to amp up the heat, add a heater. If you want more humidity, add the sauna pot. It’s your call. If you want to practice without any heat at all, or just use it as an escape from the kids, go for it.

The Hot Yoga Dome offers hot yoga tents in four sizes: Tiny Dome, the Compact Home Dome, the Home Dome, and the Hot Yoga Studio Dome.

Don't sit around mourning the loss of your favorite studio -- the Hot Yoga Dome means you'll never have to attempt dancers pose in the shower again.

For more information about this innovative, high-performance home hot yoga hut, check out our frequently asked questions page.