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Detox to Retox Retreat Announcement

We're excited to announce our partnershipwith Detox to Retreat, with Maisha McAllister. Here is the details about it:


"I'm excited to announce my 3rd Annual Detox to Retox Retreat Las Vegas 2.0, hosted at the fabulous Posh Party Pad in the fabulous Las Vegas on August 3rd through August 7th, 2023. This luxury wellness getaway is an upgraded version of our inaugural retreat back in July 2021. The very first retreaters enjoyed 5-star accommodations, a very chic mini mansion with pool table, tennis courts and super chic pool and spa! Daily Bikram yoga instruction followed by gourmet vegan comfort cuisine, with open bar, eclectic music and a relaxed atmosphere all while finding your inner child within.

Imagine arriving at the Posh Party Pad with a pink carpet welcome and a sangria (or two) served in your hand. The DJ is playing a soothing sultry mix as you head to your private suite to drop your bags where a welcome gift awaits you. After toasting to a safe flight, you can meet me in the main area for a 10 minute chair massage and some yummy vegan hors d'oeruvres. Hit the hot tub to sooth your muscles while getting to know 18 other amazing DTR retreaters and discuss the upcoming itinerary and what you are looking forward to! Start hydrating, because our hot yoga studio sponsored by Hot Yoga Dome is literally in our backyard at the tennis courts. Every morning (and evening if you'd like) you will engage in a sweaty traditional Bikram yoga class. Afterwards we'll enjoy activities including a hike to Red Rock waterfall, a night of Golf and drinks, tickets to the MJ Cirque Du Soleil experience, private masseuse and on-site esthetician, a silent yoga experience with world renowned Bikram instructor Dray Gardner and so much more."