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Optimize Your Hot Yoga Experience with a Portable Hot Yoga Dome

Whaaaat -- a portable hot yoga dome?! Well, read on, yogis, because we're about to blow your minds!

Hot yoga at home is definitely a thing, after all… the New York Times says so!

But getting the proper flow, heat, and atmosphere for an amazing hot yoga sesh isn't an easy feat. How many of us have rooms with perfect insulation, no distractions, and the ability to hold 105°f heat; without causing multiple portable heating units to weep with frustration?

Enter the Hot Yoga Dome.

The Hot Yoga Dome is a portable -- yaaas, portable -- hot yoga tent that gives you an awesome hot yoga experience with minimal fuss and zero muss.

But, how does it work?

We're glad you asked!

What The Hot Yoga Dome Does

The amazing portable Hot Yoga Dome literally creates your own hot yoga studio in just minutes. Other uses for The Hot Yoga Dome are non-heated yoga, hot pilates, warm vinyasa flow, a meditation room or an escape from the kids. It's an inflatable tent that pops up in under a minute in your living room, bedroom, basement, guest house, garage, or anywhere you have an extra 7 x 6 feet of space (for a personal, Tiny Dome, that is).

How does it work? Simply plug in the inflation fan, give it 60 seconds to inflate, add your heater and sauna pot and 10 minutes later, bada bing, bada Bikram!

Your portable Hot Yoga Dome comes in multiple sizes, so just like Goldilocks, you get to pick the Dome that’s just right for you. If you have a buddy who wants to get in on the action, you can fit in an extra mat. Or two. Or 15, if you have, like, a lot of friends.

What The Hot Yoga Dome Doesn't Do

It doesn’t come with those super loud yogis who moan their way through every posture.

    • You won’t get to enjoy that person who wanders in 15 minutes late, plops her mat right in front of you and proceeds to ignore all of the instructor's guidance.
    • You’ll miss out on the overwhelming smell of BO, sweat and feet and the person who ate waaay too much garlic the day before class.
    • The Dome comes without weird, unwanted, awkward and downright  adjustments.

Awesome. How Do I Buy a Portable Hot Yoga Dome?

We're so glad you asked! Visit our product page to check out the available Hot Yoga Domes, or contact us to ask questions about our products and services.