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The Compact Home Dome

The Compact Home Dome

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  • Product Description

    The Compact Home Dome comfortably fits one yoga mat but can fit two if needed. It's perfect for small spaces and for solo yoga practice. 

    Once you enter The Compact Home Dome, you will be submerged into a peaceful, calm, cocoon-like environment.

    The Compact Home Dome comes complete with LED lighting to help you create the environment you desire.

    It pops up in 60 seconds and heats up quickly and efficiently due to the greenhouse effect of its insular structure. Simply plug in a portable heater and your Home Dome will heat up and stay hot within 5-10 minutes.

    When finished, unplug the inflation fan and roll your Dome away for future use.

    The Home Dome is the perfect way to elevate your yoga, mediation or Pilates practice.

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    Shipment for new orders is currently estimated to be:

    Clear: October 30
    Cocoon: October 30

    Please note these are estimates and are subject to delays due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We will try our very best to meet these timelines, but delays by shipping companies are out of our control.

  • Clear or Cocoon

    The Compact Home Dome comes in a clear or cocoon model.

    Clear: The Dome includes a transparent window that provides a view outside of the Dome.

    Cocoon: The Dome comes without a transparent window and feels like a complete escape from the outside world.

  • Dimensions

    The Compact Home Dome is designed to comfortably fit one standard sized yoga mat, but can accommodate two if needed.

    The exterior is 9ft long x 7ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft.

    The interior is 7ft long x 5ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft.

    When deflated, the Compact Dome rolls up to 14 inches diameter x 15 inches height.

    The Clear Compact Dome weighs 28 pounds and the Cocoon Compact Dome weighs 25 pounds.

    Looking for something with more space? Check out the Home Dome.

  • Heating the Dome

    As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about heat.

    Our Domes are highly insulated. This means they heat up quickly and retain the heat due to a greenhouse effect. In other words, they get HOT.

    Unlike most studios, the heat is retained and continues to build throughout class. You will not find yourself fiddling with the heat or getting that unwelcome blast of cold air mid class in one of our Domes.

    Our heating recommendations depend upon your heat preferences and your specific location and circumstances.

    Most Domes can reach 105 - 110 degrees with one or two of these space heaters and your attachable floor zipped in. The removable floor is included with your Dome. 

    Be aware that 105 degrees in The Hot Yoga Dome feels much hotter due to the heat retention. Please listen to your body in addition to your thermometer.

    If you have any doubts about whether you can create a hot enough environment for your home practice, check out this video from one of our first customers, a dedicated Bikram teacher who said he likes his class "to feel like a volcano." In the studio, he had to crank the heat up to 110 to achieve the heat he desired. In our Dome, he had to sit down and turn off the humidifier when his thermometer read 99 degrees. THIS is what makes our Domes unique.

    What do WE use?

    When we use the Compact Dome, we use one of these space heaters.

    When we use the Home Dome, we usually use two space heaters  to speed up the heating process for the larger space.

    We personally don't use a humidifier because the Dome itself creates enough humidity for us. However, some customers do add a humidifier if they are in a more arid environment.

  • Included in your purchase

    The Compact Home Dome comes equipped with a carry case, remote control LED lighting and one inflation fan which is used to inflate your dome.

  • Warranty

    We offer a 12 month warranty on our Domes and all of the electrical equipment supplied with it.

    We are confident you won't need it. Our Domes are built to last.

  • What Else Do I Need?

    The Home Dome includes the structure, a carry case, a fan to inflate the dome, LED lighting and a removable floor made of the same material as the Dome.

    Additional equipment may be needed depending upon your intended use (fixed location, indoors, outdoors etc).

    Examples of equipment needed may include:

    - Heating
    - Extension cord
    - Music speaker
    - Scent
    - Yoga mats
    - Yoga towels
    - Anchoring equipment (if used outdoors)

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