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15 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Hot Yoga Dome

If you're a hot yoga junkie, you need a personal Hot Yoga Dome for the optimal home hot yoga experience.

Hot yoga at home is a hot trend. With hot yoga classes being on indefinite hiatus, we're turning to our basements, bedrooms, and bathrooms to recreate the hot yoga studio vibe, with varying amounts of success.

Let's face it -- hot yoga in the bathroom leaves much to be desired.

But even out of the bathroom, home hot yoga tends to be less-than-stellar for the simple reason that it's nearly impossible to maintain the necessary super-hot and humid temperatures in a normal room. Most homes have windows and doors with insufficient weatherproofing, so they won't hold enough heat to get a good sweat on.

Welcome to your personal Hot Yoga Dome!

If you're serious about recreating hot yoga at home, you need something that can really trap the heat. Here are some reasons why the personal Hot Yoga Dome is an essential part of your hot yoga at home kit.

  1. It's environmentally friendly. Sturdy construction using sustainable materials. It also helps keep energy use to a minimum because it captures and retains every bit of heat.
  2. It's great for small spaces. Tiny apartment? We have The Tiny Dome for that.
  3. It's multi-purpose. Hot yoga, hot Pilates, hot meditation -- hot or not, how you use it is up to you!
  4. It gives the full studio experience. It can achieve, and maintain, 105°f and above.
  5. The personal Hot Yoga Dome inflates and heats in only 10 minutes. Even the Hot Yoga Studio Dome -- which holds up to 16 yoga mats -- takes under 20 minutes to fully heat and inflate.
  6. It's portable. You can have your hot yoga experience in a spare room, your garage, your backyard- you can even travel with it!
  7. Hot yoga at home means no more rushing to class. You are in charge of your schedule and can do hot yoga whenever you want!
  8. Hot yoga improves flexibility. The heat helps to release synovial fluid into the joints which lubricates and facilitates improved flexibility, helping you achieve a far more deep and beneficial stretch than at room temperature.
  9. Hot yoga improves your strength. Not only does it build muscular strength, but research has also shown that it helps increase bone density in older adults.
  10. Hot yoga improves balance. A 2008 research paper found that the study subjects experienced an increase of over 220 percent in the time they could successfully balance after two months of practice.
  11. Hot yoga increases endurance. Hot yoga raises the heart rate, which strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  12. Hot yoga helps you regulate and deepen your breathing. Breath control is an essential component of hot yoga and the focus on the breath leads to greater concentration levels and peace of mind.
  13. Hot yoga helps you achieve deeper, more restful sleep. Hot yoga was found to help people sleep more soundly through the night the days when hot yoga was practiced.
  14. Hot yoga lowers stress. Stress has become de rigueur in the past year. Performing hot yoga helps manage the symptoms.
  15. Hot yoga helps with weight management. Need to lose a few pounds? Look no further! Hot yoga builds lean muscle and enhances cardiovascular fitness, both essential for calorie burn.

Have questions about the personal Hot Yoga Dome? You can visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us for more information.