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Why the Inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is The. Best. Idea… Ever.

With traditional hot yoga classes being largely unavailable, what’s a hot yogi to do? The inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is your answer.

Hot yoga at home? What a concept!

If only it wasn’t so… difficult.

Trying to get the living room temperature up to 105°f is an exercise in futility, and the attempt to execute a half-moon pose in the bathtub is generally less-than-successful.

Fortunately, the inflatable Hot Yoga Dome has come to the rescue! With its excellent heat retention, flexibility, and privacy, you can have a completely immersive hot yoga studio in your living room in less time than it takes to inflate an air mattress.

In these times, we need access to hot yoga at home more than ever. For the past year, we’ve been more stressed out than ever before and have had fewer resources for coping than at any point in our lifetimes.

Much of the world has been under varying degrees of lockdown for this past year, and for people who struggle with emotional disorders and anxiety, this separation from our in-person social networks has caused a great deal of grief and pain.

If you are currently struggling to cope with emotional strain -- either preexisting or due to the stress of coping with the COVID-19 crisis -- practicing yoga could help alleviate some of your symptoms. Here are a few reasons why an inflatable Hot Yoga Dome could be the right investment for you.

Much scientific research has proven that sedentary lifestyles can foster feelings of depression.

If you've found yourself less active since yoga classes and gyms have become less accessible, you might have experienced increased feelings of depression as a result. Halting physical exertion for even three days can be enough to trigger symptoms of depression.

Enjoying an active lifestyle is associated with feelings of happiness -- it can only take standing up and walking around for a few moments to improve your mood if you've been sitting all day. Hot yoga has been found to alleviate feelings of depression in women who are at-risk for anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.

Loneliness and isolation are major health risks.

Feeling isolated can have negative health effects as severe as obesity and smoking. According to the American Psychological Association, feelings of reported isolation were already higher than they had ever been in 2018; after the global pandemic, with social distancing turning into a new default setting, people who had limited social contact prior to the lockdown are at significant risk for the numerous issues associated with isolation. These include an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, depression, and suicide.

While in-person yoga classes might not be currently available for many people, virtual yoga classes might offer a sense of community that helps mitigate feelings of isolation.

A home yoga practice can help you restore and maintain your levels of activity, even while you're socially distancing. If you're not technologically comfortable enough for virtual yoga classes using Zoom or other communications platforms, you also have the option of streaming recorded instructional videos for guidance.

To add heat to your at home practice, the inflatable Hot Yoga Dome is a high-performance, environmentally friendly personal yoga studio that can be deployed and heated in under 10 minutes (depending upon the size of the unit). For more details about the Hot Yoga Dome, please visit our frequently asked questions page.