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Looking for a Reason to Try Hot Yoga at Home? Here are 5 Great Ones!

If hot yoga at home is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

While some trends are unfortunate – unicorn poop cookies? Really?! – some have swept the world for a reason. The invention of hot yoga at home is probably the most brilliant wellness movement since the superfood smoothie.

To the uninitiated, the idea of executing 26 consecutive poses in 105°f seems… just a bit torturous. But once you’ve experienced the euphoria of completing a 90-minute hot series, you’ll be converted.

And trying hot yoga at home? Win-win! You’re doing it on your timeline and at your pace. (Plus, you aren’t comparing yourself to the yogis who look like they were born in the standing bow pose!)

Here are five reasons why you should try hot yoga at home.

Hot yoga alleviates stress.

Hot yoga has been shown to reduce stress levels after eight weeks of continuous practice. This was found to be an effective stress relieving strategy for practitioners across ages and gender identities.

Hot yoga offers cardiovascular benefits.

Hot yoga was found to produce an increased heart rate, due to the high temperatures and the challenging yoga postures. The degree of elevated heart rate achieved during hot yoga sessions was on par with that experienced during intense aerobic exercise.

Hot yoga can relieve symptoms of depression.

Study subjects who participated in hot yoga practice were found to experience reduced feelings of depression. It was reported that participants engaged in less emotional eating, were less likely to experience negative feelings, had greater self-efficacy (feelings of agency over one's circumstances), and did not feel inclined to suppress feelings of optimism or positivity.

Hot yoga can enhance full body strength and flexibility.

If you experience shoulder strain or upper back pain when you lift heavy objects, hot yoga could help alleviate it. This is because the enhanced flexibility and body awareness that comes with regular practice could help you more easily and safely perform challenging lifts.

Hot yoga can improve sleep quality.

Hot yoga has been shown to help people achieve restorative sleep more efficiently. Research has shown that people across gender identities and ages who participate in hot yoga twice per week experienced more restful, deeper sleep, with fewer incidences of waking during the night on the days they participated in hot yoga practice.

The Hot Yoga Dome is an eco-friendly, personal hot yoga studio that can be used in either indoor or outdoor settings. For more information about the Hot Yoga Dome and its uses, please visit our frequently asked questions page.