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Hot Yoga at-Home Kit -- Seriously? Yup!

We are all adjusting to the loss of our regular hot yoga studio classes. Hot yoga at home has become the only consistent way to practice during these times, and the Hot Yoga Dome is the ultimate, the original, the one and only hot yoga at-home kit.

Let's get real – are you digging doing hot yoga in your bathroom?

Apparently, lots of people who aren't able to get back to their hot yoga studios are instead opting for 90-minute hot yoga bathroom sessions and that's just... awkward. We know someone who broke her toe on her bathtub trying to do Tulandasana. Isn't it also kind of distracting when members of your family start banging on the door for an urgent situation? And don't you lose focus when you realize that you haven't cleaned behind your toilet since before the lockdowns began?

Bathroom hot yoga isn't exactly ideal. That's why you need a hot yoga at-home kit.

The Hot Yoga Dome offers a hot yoga at-home kit that can make any part of your home a fully functional hot yoga studio. All you need for your hot yoga at-home kit is:

  • The Hot Yoga Dome
  • A space heater
  • A sauna pot
  • A yoga mat
  • A towel
  • An amazing playlist and/or streaming class service

The Hot Yoga Dome is an inflatable hot yoga tent designed to be inflated and fully heated in under 10 minutes. You just plug in the inflation fan, add the heat and humidity, and you're all set to go.

You aren't limited to hot yoga, either. You can use your Hot Yoga Dome for anything you want, including:

  • A sauna
  • A meditation room
  • Hot pilates
  • A place to hide from the kids
  • A Zoom meeting backdrop

The choice is yours!

Why would you need a special Hot Yoga Dome to practice hot yoga when you can just heat up any spare room in your home?. Well, here are a few reasons why the Hot Yoga Domeis the way to go.

  • You save on energy. Chances are, your home doesn't have the kind of insulation you need to heat up a room and keep it at 105°f or above efficiently for up to 90 minutes. The Hot Yoga Dome minimizes your energy use by providing a fully self-contained tent where no heat can escape.
  • It's private. No one will accidentally wander into your Hot Yoga Dome, and let the heat out and disrupt your flow!
  • It's flexible. You can inflate your Hot Yoga Dome outside in the back yard if it's a nice day! How cool (hot) is that?

Where Do I Find This Hot Yoga Dome?

Simple... just visit our product page and select the size that best fits your home, goals, and lifestyle! For more information about our fabulous hot yoga at-home kit, contact us today!