Why did we invent the Hot Yoga Studio Dome?

Over the years, there has been an astronomical increase in yoga class prices.

This has made hot yoga an exercise for the elite.

While huge corporate studios are raking in hundreds of dollars per class, wages for yoga teachers have fallen drastically.
Most yoga teachers today have to supplement their income with other jobs in order to earn a living wage. 

Gym memberships are down due to the lack of ability to offer boutique classes such as hot yoga.
Most gyms lack the space and financial resources to build out a hot yoga studio in their current location.

Smaller, locally run yoga studios are unable to easily expand their studios to compete with the mega franchises that are slowly and steadily taking over the yoga industry.

We don't believe in McYoga.


 The Hot Yoga Studio Dome: 

* Makes yoga more affordable and accessible for everyone.

* Empowers yoga teachers to run their own hot yoga studios.

* Gives gyms and local studios a leg up in the competitive fitness market.

* Allows corporations to offer hot yoga to their employees.

* Enables schools to bring hot yoga classes to their campuses.

* Opens up endless possibilities to offer hot yoga classes at events, festivals and backyard functions.

* The Hot Yoga Studio Dome will put the market power back where it belongs: In the hands of the students and the teachers.

We are the future of hot yoga.

Join us. 

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Our true passion for creating the Studio Dome is to make hot yoga affordable for everyone. 


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is priced with yoga teachers in mind.

We want you to be able to achieve your dream of running your own hot yoga studio.


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is priced with gyms and studios in mind.

We want you to be able to include hot yoga in your class offerings, thus increasing client loyalty and retention.


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is priced with schools and corporations in mind.

We want campuses to effortlessly be able to incorporate hot yoga into your health and wellness programs for students and employees. 


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is priced with YOU in mind.

Whatever has brought you to our site, we want to work with you to see your vision realized.


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is custom built for your class size and location.

Simply send us your measurements and we will work with you to create 

your own custom studio.

The Hot Yoga Studio Dome comes with your choice of a clear or cocoon wall.


Once you enter The Hot Yoga Studio Dome, You will be submerged into a peaceful, calm, cocoon-like environment.


The dome comes complete with remote controlled LED lighting that enables you to set the tone of your class. 

The dome is the perfect environment to elevate your yoga classes. Your students will feel the stresses of everyday life melt away the moment they set foot into the dome. 


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome truly is an escape from the world.

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