The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is for running classes. Whether you have a fixed location or want to be on the road, this is the revolutionary way to run your own affordable hot yoga studio.


Once you enter The Hot Yoga Studio Dome, You will be submerged into a peaceful, calm, cocoon-like environment.


The Studio Dome is the perfect environment to elevate your yoga classes. Your students will feel the stresses of everyday life melt away the moment they set foot into the dome. 


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome truly is an escape from the world.


The Studio dome is heatable and affordable. It pops up in 3 minutes and heats up quickly and efficiently due to the greenhouse effect of its insular structure. Simply plug in two portable heaters and your Hot Yoga Studio Dome will heat up and stay hot within 15-20 minutes.


The Studio Dome comes with a choice of Cocoon or Clear models.


The Hot Yoga Studio Dome

  • The exterior of The Hot Yoga Studio Dome is 20ft long x 18ft wide x 9.8ft tall.

    The interior is 17.5ft long x 15ft wide x 7.8ft high.

     Delivery is within 6-8 weeks of receiving payment. Our Studio Domes are made to order. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact us aat

  • The Studio Dome comes equipped with remote control LED lighting and four fans.

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