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About Us

Hot yoga at home? We invented it.

The Hot Yoga Dome was launched in 2018 by Gillian Sky Walker and Alex McDermott. 

Our mission was twofold: 

1) To design a portable studio that would make hot yoga accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

2) To create a solution for yoga teachers to run their own business without the prohibitive upfront cost of a hot studio buildout. 

Our team worked with leading edge experts with decades of experience in the inflatable industry to design our innovative, inspired and immersive Hot Yoga Domes. Every detail and aspect of the design was overseen by Gillian. As a teacher with 15 years of experience in the hot yoga community, she knew it was imperative that each Dome would be able to build and retain the amount of heat needed to have an effective hot practice.

The invention of the Home Dome made us the first and only company to make hot yoga at home possible. We are thrilled to have revolutionized the way hot yoga is practiced, and are consistently looking for new ways to contribute to our community of teachers, students and studio owners.



Founder, Co-CEO

As a yoga teacher and practitioner of over 20 years, Gillian believes that no yoga teacher should be struggling to make ends meet.

And that no student should have to pay upwards of $20 for a hot yoga class.

Having traveled extensively over the past few years, Gillian also missed the ease and availability of hot yoga classes when in different countries. 

Gillian's passion to make hot yoga accessible for anyone, any time, anywhere, was the driving force for the design of all three Hot Yoga Domes.


Founder, Co-CEO

Alex discovered yoga as an escape from the daily grind in the high-stress finance industry. He realized there was an opportunity to bring hot yoga to the corporate world in order to reduce stress and improve well being.

The combination of his business experience and Gillian's yoga experience brought The Hot Yoga Dome to where it is today.